Doing Well be Being Well

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Doing Well be Being Well

“I’ve been working hard, trying to do all the right things but it’s not working.”   “I am disappointed in how my life has turned out and worse yet, my wife is disappointed in me too.”

It’s not enough to be the hardest working person in the divorce court or the one with the most toys in the graveyard.  “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?”  Mark 8: 36.    Certainly you want and deserve more.

Doing well by being well is a philosophy of living life more fully; understanding that success that is sustainable and fulfilling depends on holistic wellness.  Holistic wellness includes mind, body, spirit, and relationships.  Attaining this level of wellness is not really complicated, but it is not easy to live in it consistently.  It requires insight, information, desire, discipline, adjustment, and practice.  Achieving and maintaining holistic wellness is a lifelong journey.

We can push ourselves for a while beyond what is reasonable, but we all have limits.  We have ways of coping with stress and anxiety that we learned long ago and continue to use even if they are ineffective or self-defeating.  Sooner or later something begins to break down.  During times of prolonged stress, unexpected changes, or crisis we suddenly realize that what we’ve been doing no longer works.  Our natural tendency, however, is to do more of what we know.

Coaching, and other similar types of interventions offer help and hope when you cannot see how to do things differently or don’t know what will solve the problems.  Whether dealing with a personal crisis or a business concern, coaching can offer you new perspectives, systems and processes, support, accountability, and a new community to help you find your way to new solutions.  Grow it Forward Together is one such community of people with similar concerns learning, growing, evolving together.

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