Love Triumphs

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I woke up this morning with a clear thought in my mind, as if a voice was speaking:  ‘love triumphs’.  I’m not sure why it was there but I felt compelled to share these thoughts with you.  If you are willing to see, there are constant reminders of the power of love, in your life and the lives of others around you.  Even in the midst of darkness the light of love eventually prevails.  It may be hard to see and hard to understand at times but love is always present.  We tend to forget the times when love has held us and sustained us in the past.  But when we are able to see with the eyes of faith, peace comes and fear subsides.
I don’t know your situation but I’m sure some of you are dealing with your own struggles.  Whatever your challenge I encourage you to remember the times when love has sustained you.  Remember the people who care about you and are there to support you.  Remember what is most important and let go of that which does not serve you or your family.  Remember that this too shall pass.  Remember always, that love triumphs!

Executive Marriage Coach – The Road of Recovery

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The road of recovery is not the same as the path of despair. Many, perhaps most people fear allowing themselves to feel their darker feelings because they remember times of being overwhelmed crushed by them.  Consequently most of us find creative, elaborate, or self-destructive ways to avoid being in touch with our painful memories and feelings.

When you walked the path of despair you did so not knowing why you felt so bad and you felt completely alone.  You felt no one understood or could possibly know what you were going through.  The roots of your despair were yet unconscious.  You feared being swallowed up by the grief and the darkness.

The road to recovery is a different road.  On this road you must face your fears and also walk into your darkness.  However, this is a path that promises hope, not despair, healing, not death. On this road you intentionally and consciously allow yourself to feel what you feel, to remember and to mourn.  But you don’t walk this road alone.  You will have helpers who walk beside you, hold your hand, or shine a light on the path.  You find new ways of knowing yourself and become intimate with your history and emotional memories.  As you venture in with open mind and open heart you discover that Divine Love is there, waiting for your invitation, leading you back to your core and your source.

So do not be afraid.  Venture forth, ask for help and guidance, and trust that there is light waiting to be found.  The road may be rough and scary at first but you will not regret taking this road less traveled.  Live your life!

Executive Marriage Coach – Hitting the Wall, Guest Article

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Please read this article about an upcoming telesummit and book release by my friend Maria Gamb.

Hitting the Wall – What is the Change and How Do We Make It?
By Maria Gamb

There are times when we all hit the wall.

We hit that wall when we start to wonder whether or not what we’re doing is making any kind of impact – not just on ourselves and our families, but also on those around us.  So many times I have heard people ask, “Am I supposed to be working at the job I currently have?”  People question their level of fulfillment and wonder what it’s all for – especially given all that’s transpired from an economic standpoint over the past few years.

Something’s gone awry in business. On morning radio and TV shows, pundits argue one way or the other about how to cure this problem.  Recently I watched one commentator waving a large red pointer as he jumped up and down about financial projections and shortfalls.  But is this really what’s going to motivate business to change and bring it back to its bastion of integrity and profitability?

Executives and entrepreneurs alike are facing the same problems: lack of motivation, less than stellar morale, and lack of fulfillment or a sense of accomplishment.  They are fearful about their security and future.

But simply leaving the corporate world and working for oneself is not necessarily the solution. Sitting in a local coffee shop the other day, I overheard a conversation where one professional-looking woman was speaking to her sympathetic friend.

As she sipped her Americano, I heard the woman say, “I just want to walk out of this job and go weave baskets on the beach in Bali!”

Her friend replied, “Hey at least you have a steady job! I’m self-employed and it feels that way for me too.  I thought I was supposed to be happier this way. I thought I was going to feel fulfilled doing work I believed in.  But I can’t honestly say I am.”

They both stared at each other, looking beleaguered.

People want to feel productive.  People want to make a difference where they work no matter what it is that they do.  Many are tired of the problems we’ve faced in business year after year and are fed up.  And they want to be making a better living (read money).  However they are not quite sure how anything will get better.

So what’s the alternative?

It actually starts with each person– from corporate executives to the office worker to the self-employed– realizing that they are so much more powerful than they know, and by taking personal responsibility for their own happiness and fulfillment.  It means they will have to make a shift and undergo the same kind of transformation needed in many businesses today: working from the inside out.

We start change by changing ourselves.
I thought this topic was of such importance, I wrote a whole book on the subject called Healing the Corporate World: how value-based leadership transforms business from the inside out.
To celebrate the launch of my new book, which is coming to Amazon on October 12th, I would like to invite you to attend a very special fr*ee 4-part online telesummit with 9 guest speakers on this very topic:
“Transforming Business from the Inside Out”

October 4th-7th
1pm EDT/ 10am PDT/ 6pm UK/ 7pm CET
Register FR*EE at

On this event, over the course of 4 days, you will get to hear thoughts from a distinguished panel of 9 passionate and innovative authors and speakers (ok, I’m one of them) to discuss the ingredients for becoming the ‘Change Agent’ in your business, in your life and in the world.
Below is an overview of the 4-day line up.
Monday, October 4, 2010

•    VIP Guest: Greg Reid, Filmmaker, Motivational Speaker, #1 best-selling author of several books including Three Feet from Gold
•    Host: Maria Gamb, former Fortune 500 executive, business consultant and author of Healing the Corporate World
•    Host: Lynn Serafinn, transformation coach, marketing coach, author of The Garden of the Soul.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

•    VIP Guest: Allison Maslan, Life and Business Strategist, #1 selling author of Blast Off! Your Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality.
•    VIP Guest: Pam Slim, Business Coach and best-selling author Escape from Cubicle Nation: from Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur
•    Host: Maria Gamb, former Fortune 500 executive, business consultant and author of Healing the Corporate World
•    Host: Lynn Serafinn, transformation coach, marketing coach, author of The Garden of the Soul.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

•    VIP Guest: Nicole Heimann, Leadership Coach and founder of 5C! Concept GmbH, Switzerland
•    VIP Guest: Rich Gallagher, Business communications expert and author of many books on the topic including The Soul of an Organization, How to Tell Anyone Anything and his #1 customer service bestseller What to Say to a Porcupine.
•    Host: Maria Gamb, former Fortune 500 executive, business consultant and author of Healing the Corporate World
•    Host: Lynn Serafinn, transformation coach, marketing coach, author of The Garden of the Soul.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

•    VIP Guest: Chuck Vollmer, founder and President of Jobenomics, and author of the book of the same name.
•    VIP Guest: Michael McMillan, speaker, designer, creative consultant and author of the books Pink Bat, Paper Airplane and others.
•    Host: Maria Gamb, former Fortune 500 executive, business consultant and author of Healing the Corporate World
•    Host: Lynn Serafinn, transformation coach, marketing coach, author of The Garden of the Soul.

I believe people are the greatest raw material in any business when their mindset and belief is focused on creating rather than competing. When our values and rules of engagement, both for ourselves and our teams, are in alignment, we can finally become the Change Agents and get past that brick wall.

I hope you’ll join me October 4-7 to hear what some of today’s leading business innovators also have to say about this subject.

Executive Marriage Coach – The Secret to Changing Your Spouse

The secret to changing your spouse

We have all heard that you can’t change anyone but yourself.  That doesn’t stop most of us from trying however.  The ways in which we do try to change our spouses always seem to backfire because the underlying message is “you are not good enough”, which is what they already feel anyway so the natural response is defensiveness.

I have come to believe that while we can’t force, seduce, or manipulate anyone to change; we can create conditions that provide the support and freedom for people to change, if they decide to.  Changing is a process of healing and becoming whole.   Consider this quote from Marianne Williamson: “We heal when we feel forgiven.  We heal in the presence of compassion.  If you really want someone to change, the miracle lies in your ability to see how perfect they already are.  We miraculously heal in the presence of someone who believes in our light even when we are lost in our darkness.  And when we learn to see others in the light of their true being, whether they are showing us that light or not, then we have the power to work that miracle for them.”

Understanding what Marianne is saying and putting it into practice requires that you first realize that you too are perfect in your true self.   You need to reconnect with your own light and see yourself with compassion.  This requires conscious and deliberate spiritual practice.  In the words of Marianne again, “Spiritual practice is key to our power as light-bearers, for we cannot extend peace if we do not cultivate it.  Our thoughts and attitudes need persistent training in a world so intent on convincing us that we are who we are not and that we are not who, in fact, we are.  The thinking of love is completely opposite the thinking that dominates this world; that is why we must be constantly reminded of the light”.  Do a simple daily practice of intentionally reminding yourself of the light within you and within your spouse and then act as if you really believe it.  Keep practicing if you don’t see changes because most of the time healing takes loving consistency and honesty over time.  In any event, love is its own reward.

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