Executive Marriage Coach – Thanks for Your Support!

As most of you know I participated in the MS 150 bike ride last week end to raise awareness and funds for the benefit of those with Multiple Sclerosis.  There were about 3500 people who pedaled the 150 miles from Duluth MN to the Twin Cities over two days.  It is a well coordinated event with many volunteers providing support and encouragement to the riders.  It is quite an adventure.

One of my favorite moments was a point on the second day when the route turns left and then right in an area that is open farmland so you can see the string of bikers stretching out for about a mile in front you. (No I wasn’t at the front of the pack:)  Another moment was at the lunch stop on day two and people were very tired and longing for the finish line just 30 miles ahead. In spite of fatigue and soreness there was a buzz in the air and it occurred to me that this was the collective energy of people with a common purpose.

I won’t push the comparison to marriage too far by talking about potholes and the ups and downs of the road.  However, two things that make for a successful event also make relationships successful.  The first is having a common goal or purpose.  We don’t often think about it but defining a common purpose can bring zest to a marriage. Some possibilities may be purpose in raising healthy children or creating a home that nurtures the heart and soul of all hang out there.  Successful marriages also depend on the support of those who care about you.  Cultivating a community, which may include family, friends, and groups who are willing and able to encourage you, challenge you, and help you out when needed is a very wise investment.  I am grateful to be a part of your community.

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