Executive Marriage Coach – Enjoying the Fruits of Love

What a weekend!  A friend of mine was telling me about the wedding of his son and new daughter-in-law this weekend.  He had several good observations.  One was the joy and pride of seeing his son grown into a mature young man making a commitment to a lovely young woman.  He talked about the joy of being a father and how important it has been just to be a loving presence in his son’s life. Several of his son’s friends seemed to be missing that from their own fathers and often sought to engage with him for some sort of recognition.  My friend also shared how great it was to welcome a daughter into their family, noting they only had two sons.  He said his wife gave a moving toast as she said this young woman had not become their daughter-in-law but their daughter-in-love.

My friend’s story resonated with my own experiences of being the father of two girls who have grown into lovely and strong women.  For me and my wife, being a loving and consistent presence in their lives has been wonderful for us and provided fertile soil for them to grow in. They have both found strong and loving men to marry and are now starting their own families.  It is very satisfying to witness and be a part of.  We have now entered the delightful stage of being grandparents.  Our first granddaughter is now 19 months old and this weekend our younger daughter gave birth to her first child and our second granddaughter.  It is wonderful.

There is nothing better than indulging deeply in the fruits of love.  My friend and his wife and I and my wife have been blessed no doubt, but we are not special people with unusual gifts or talents.  The fruits of love are the result of planting the seeds of love early and often and then cultivating and nurturing those seeds into maturity. It is simply engaging in the practices of love on a consistent basis over time that yields results.  Of course some have more difficult circumstances than others, but you can always choose love and choose to be present in the lives of those you love.  I encourage you to be in it for the long term.  The fruits are delicious.